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More is planned for this page. More conversations with other common npcs like, a sidekick and villain from adventure games, love-interests from dating sims, and town folk from life simulators. And to show off my adaptability with programs, all the conversations will also be created in at least Ren'Py. 

The engine used behind these demos is a very altered version of Sanity, set up by Chris Padilla. The engine was personalized to fit the needs of our game, AC: New Murder. These demos are made to fit within the engine's limitations.

On my end, behind the scenes is mostly menus filled with boolean variables and files for every aspect of the game/demos.


; the engine met the game's demands. A detective visual novel that works alongside the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Using it for these demos is an after thought. Some creative problem-solving is needed on my side to 

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