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   Below are clips from streamers playing AC: New Murder and quotes from players. The responses have been so heart-warming that not sharing feels like sitting on a juicy secret.


   If you want a good feel of AC: New Murder and the writing/designing skills I used in it, there are videos of players working through and reacting to the game at the bottom of the page.


   Warning for spoilers and foul language.

Jokes and Laughs

"I laughed and I cried and I smiled at many things, it was a great time."

"All the characters are so spot-on with their little personalities, and I laughed out loud more times than I can count."

"There were so many little jokes and references that I felt were pretty perfectly tailored to us."


“The characters and writing were very good and did make me scream a couple of times (uh, in a good way).”

It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about a story. I love the world-building you created on this lovely Animal Crossing island. Each villager had a very individual and unique personality.”

“I’m going to be thinking about this game for a while, it’s left a big impression on me. It makes me excited to work on my projects.”

“The execution, storylines, and epilogue of the game were seriously well done. This is an experience that I would pay for.

“I love the distinct personalities each villager had and also their lives/histories outside of the mystery.”

“My favorite part is how you’ve written the characters and the story. You’re very good at writing characters and making the interactive mystery story that is told from many different perspectives. That is not easy to pull off. The mix of wanting to talk more with these precious characters and the intrigue of figuring out truths behind many unknowns kept me very engaged!”

“it was really funny, heartwarming, and had me saying “interesting!!” out loud a few times.”

“Oh my goodness, this was such an amazing and special ride! HOW UTTERLY DETAILED AND THOUGHT-OUT! So many dialogue options?! I spent all day yesterday talking to everyone about items before realizing, today, I could talk to them about locations (!) Wowwwowowowow. Just wow. This game is something special to inspire people to do things like this. All the characters are so spot-on with their little personalities, and I laughed out loud more times than I can count. “

“Overall, this was a wonderful experience, the characters and dialogue are amazing, and some of the more sensitive subjects are handled well.”

“It makes me happy when media is able to tackle subjects like that without it being treated as grimdark. It makes me feel like less of a freak for struggling with it in the past…”

“It’s rare to see a character who I can relate to that way where they’re not portrayed as a bad person!”

“I really appreciate the messages that you included along the way.”

"Can't Wait to See More"

"I sincerely hope that more games like this are developed. It was a fun ride and I LOVED it!"

"Hope to see more of your games in the future. Reach out if you ever need a beta tester, or you just want to inform me of a new game you've finished."

Players who are waiting for more games from me. If you bring me onto your game, I can promise at least 10 people who would check it out. The video clips are super short.

"Thank you for making this and I would love to play another game you create in the future if you ever dive into making another one!"

"Today was a difficult, dreary day, and stumbling upon your almost-murder mystery was the best thing I could ask for. I can't wait to see more (if that's something you're planning)."

"I can't wait to see what other projects you take on next."

"I hope you continue to do amazing stuff like this."

"I would love to see something like this again, thank you guys for creating a game that has so much care put into it!"

"If you ever make anything else know I'm 100% down to play it! 👀"

Just Playing

Players working through and reacting to the game. You can adjust the playback speed through the gear in each video. Major warning for major spoilers.

Players discussing their theories after taking a week's break.

Player going through the first trial and coming up with theories and conclusions. 

   Two players at the point where clues pointing at the true culprit start hitting hard. The right player is already suspicious of the actual culprit, and the player on the left hadn't considered the real culprit could be the almost murderer. She goes from "I don't want to throw [them] in jail!" to "[true culprit] jail. [true culprit] jail."

Player discovering the motive durning the last scene before the final trial, and having a eureka moment.

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