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NPC Demos

Below are demos of NPC interactions to show off my game writing and narrative design. They are created with the same web application as AC: New Murder, so much so that the demo is an extension of the AC: New Murder website. But that also means no download is required; you can read it all online as visual novels. Placeholder images are plucked from Google images unless stated otherwise.

Study Partner

Visual Novel

Decisions Matter

Mental Illness

Multiple Endings

Budding Friendship/Romance


Integer Variables

   The protagonist, Hayden, is picking up his study partner, Ash, on the way to a group study. However, Ash wants to sit this study session out. This upcoming test affects the students' graduation, but Ash doesn't seem to care. Can Hayden persuade her otherwise?

   Two versions exist of this demo; one created with our web app and one created with Ren'Py. Despite it requiring learning a brand new progam that uses Python, creating this demo in Ren'Py was faster. The web app wasn't made with the right type of integer variables in mind, so I had to insert a variety of routes manually. Plus, I'm quick at learning new programs.


It's a short read. One run of the conversation takes less than 4 minutes. Content warning for depression.

Link to url. Created with web app.

Download .exe version.

Created with Ren'Py. Windows & Mac compatible


Ash's sprite was designed and drawn by me.


Puzzle Quest


Puzzles (in a non-puzzle game)


Support Character

Branching Paths

Boolean Variables

State Changes

   The player and their sidekick, Tally, are out to save the day and just need to pass through a cave. However, the duo has to solve 3 puzzles to make out. With Tally's hints and overall company, the player can take on the puzzles with no sweat. The demo is focused on Tally's supportive role than the puzzles themselves.

   This is another demo where I had to be creative to work around the web app's limitations.

The length depends on if you want to solve the puzzles yourself. It's about 4 minutes without puzzle-solving.


Tally's sprite was designed and drawn by me.

Merchant Exchange




Branching Paths

Boolean Variables

State Changes

   This interaction is a quest from the local merchant, Borris. Borris asks the player to convince the blacksmith, Bailey, to trade with him in exchange for a grappling hook.


It's a short read. One run of the conversation takes less than 2 minutes.


These demos use a unique visual novel web application originally developed for AC: New Murder by Chris Padilla.

The application uses modern web tooling to give players an experience similar to playing a Flash game. Behind the scenes, I'm using a custom CMS that is tailored for branching paths, boolean variables, inventory management, and more.


 Check out for more designs and art. There you can find character designs I did for my own game, AC: New Murder, and Signy and Mino, a combo-centric RPG, among other designs.

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